A 5-minute Technique that will Change your Life

Feeling lost? Uninspired? Unmotivated? Unappreciated?

I want you to know something.

You’re not alone.

There’s thousands, probably millions of people who feel the same way as you do,
and some of them are earning 6-figures, even 7-figures a year or more.

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I felt the same as you do now … lost, uninspired, unmotivated, unappreciated.

I got out of it. And I’m going to show you how to get out of it, too.

You can rise above the noise, the chaos, the drama, and discover who you really are …

I share content that will motivate, inspire, challenge you …

motivate you to discover …
who you are (self-identity)

Action: Do this by stating your name—speak forth your name, and stating your passion
what you’re capable of (skills) – Speak forth your future outcome—the result of pursuing your passion
what your purpose is (passion/mission) – Speak forth your passion, mission, intention

inspire you to …
jettison the things/people that are weighing you down

Action: Drop the excess baggage, people, situations, places that are not adding value to your life; if it is not adding value or helping you reach your goals, discard it. Lose the baggage. Become lightweight. This will allow you to move that much faster toward your vision of the future. At the same time, becoming lightweight leaves empty spaces for the universe to fill with your vision of the future, allowing you to inhabit that vision that much quicker, that much more effortlessly.

challenge you to …
take action by creating a mission statement that ignites your soul

How is this done?

Ask yourself: What gives me joy? What can I do that will bring me joy?

Identify that “thing”, that mission/purpose/goal.

Write down that mission/purpose/goal as a statement.

By writing it down, you are transferring your thoughts to paper. You are taking your thoughts and making them real by transferring a mental spark into a physical action—writing. This is the first step of manifestation.

Feel free to add to your mission statement or further clarify it.

Ideally, your mission statement will reflect the intersection of your Mind, Body, Emotions, Spirit.

This is congruency—when your inner self matches your outer self.

The amplification of this intersection (congruency) creates a field of energy.

This field of energy acts like a magnet, attracting situations, people, places, things, toward it and into your field of view—your vision.

These situations, people, places, things already exist in the multiverse.

Once you clarify (become really clear about what it is you want) and amplify (by aligning your mind, body, emotions, spirit in congruency with one another) your intention (the future vision of what you want), and once you give yourself permission to accept and become comfortable inhabiting the reality of already-having-the-future-vision-of-what-you-want), then your universe (“one song” – You-Ni-Verse) will merge with the multiverse (“many songs”). The result of this merge is your intention becoming your reality.

The discovery of your mission + the clarification and amplification of your intention = a revived state of being.

The revived “state of being” is, essentially, a new Operating System (OS) that allows you to inhabit a new reality. The new operating system has a higher storage capacity, a stronger battery with better memory, and is 1000 times faster than your old operating system. The new operating system operates across multiple dimensions and allows you to harness the power of the multiverse. The new operating system means that you can manifest your intention that much faster.

In the next email, I’ll be sharing with you a profound and simple truth, one that, deep down inside, you’ve known all along.

But, somewhere along the way, it’s been lost, buried beneath a mountain of doubt.

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A Profound and Simple Truth

See you then,


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