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Kris Kemp 2016

Hi. I’m a writer, musician, photographer, and the author of the rails, my first novel. My other writings include journals, ebooks, screenplays, and a musical.

My interests share the common theme of freedom–time freedom, health freedom, financial freedom, emotional freedom, spiritual freedom.

Currently, I’m developing WordPress (WP) sites based around my interests in order to earn money online, allowing me to work location-independent.

I enjoy photography and, at the moment, am using my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone to take pictures of people and places of interest. I plan on purchasing a professional camera soon. You are welcome to use any of the pictures that I post at this website, provided you add this in the caption: © kris kemp wwww.kriskemp.com Feel free to leave a donation, too, by clicking the donate button on the right side of the page.

the rails
the rails is my first novel. It tells the story of ‘the watchers’, a race of superhuman creatures, with humanlike features, who live hundreds of feet below the New York City subway system. In order to preserve the integrity of their race, they are prohibited from contacting humans. When one of their members decides to intervene in the humans world during a moment of crisis, a chain of events is put into motion that will change his life forever. Find out what happens by clicking the image below.

the rails

I’ve had different interests over the last few years, including natural health and wellness, finding and flipping tax deed sale properties in North Florida, and traveling Europe for a few months. I’ve written ebooks about these adventures, essentially laying out a blueprint of how to do what I did. Click the images below to find out more.

How to Travel Europe for $1.50 A Day or Less

Make Big Profits Flipping Florida Land

The Shift Diet

Hooked:  How to Turn Indifferent Prospects into Loyal Customers Who Are Hooked for Life

Current Projects
Currently, I’m writing a sequel to ‘the rails’, as well as a ‘jordy’, a screenplay that we’re developing into a feature film.

Documenting Adventures
I go on adventures and document my story with pictures and writing, then publish these as a journal or ebook or both. Writing helps me make sense of the world. And writing helps me remember, by maintaining a through-line of my experiences in life.

Kris Kemp