A 5-minute Technique that will Change your Life

Feeling lost? Uninspired? Unmotivated? Unappreciated? I want you to know something. You’re not alone. There’s thousands, probably millions of people who feel the same way as you do, and some of them are earning 6-figures, even 7-figures a year or more. (Click here to read this at the website. Scroll down to continue reading.) I … Read moreA 5-minute Technique that will Change your Life

Welcome + Setting the Stage

Hi, and Welcome! As promised, here’s your free copy of “The 3 Secrets of Happiness” … The 3 Secrets of Happiness If there are any issues opening the above link, simply copy and paste the URL below into your address bar.http://www.kriskemp.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/the-3-secrets-of-happiness.pdf Who am I? My name is Kris Kemp. I’m a writer, the author of … Read moreWelcome + Setting the Stage

Reaching the Zero Point Effect: A 5-minute Process that Can Change your Life

Frustrated with your Life? Are you feeling … Overwhelmed (by emotional clutter)? Unhappy (with life and relationships)? Uncertain (about what to do next)? You’re about to learn a simple, but powerful, technique that will allow you to … Handle the overwhelm (shedding emotional clutter) Find happiness (in life and relationships) Become certain (about what to … Read moreReaching the Zero Point Effect: A 5-minute Process that Can Change your Life

Someday Is Now

I’m a writer, musician, photographer, traveler, creative entrepreneur. I create content that will motivate, inspire, challenge you … motivate you to discover … who you are (self-identity) what you’re capable of (skills) what your purpose is (passion/mission) inspire you to … jettison the things/people that are weighing you down to move in the direction of … Read moreSomeday Is Now

Thursday night in New York City

Thursday night, Dec 1, 2016 – Actor & Writer in NYC If you’re wondering what it’s like to live as an actor and writer in New York City, specifically Bushwick (area of Brooklyn), New York, and what I do on a Thursday night, keep reading. Living in New York City over the past 4.5 years, … Read moreThursday night in New York City

How to Make Money with Real Estate Investing using No Money of Your Own

Big Bend Texas

I’ll be honest with you. I could care less about real estate. Real Estate is Boring Even the terms are boring. Mortgage. Amortization schedule. 20-year note. Clear Title. Even typing them onto this laptop puts me to sleep. Introducing the Real Estate Hypnotist. He’ll put you to sleep by explaining how a 20-year mortgage schedule, … Read moreHow to Make Money with Real Estate Investing using No Money of Your Own

Ebooks that I’ve written

secrets of happiness

I have a variety of interests that seem to share the common theme of freedom–time freedom, health freedom, financial freedom, spiritual freedom. Here are a few ebooks that I’ve written that fall into one or more of these categories. Click the links below to find out more. Make Big Profits Flipping Florida Land – $97, … Read moreEbooks that I’ve written

Put Your Profits on Autopilot

Kris Kemp

Hi everyone! I’m excited! I’m writing a new ebook … Ebook Profits Blueprint In Ebook Profits Blueprint, I will show you how to … 1. Write an ebook 2. Sell your ebook 3. Automate most of your marketing If you’re interested in earning money online, in a legitimate way, and getting money into your PayPal … Read morePut Your Profits on Autopilot