Ebooks that I’ve written

Ebooks that I’ve written

I have a variety of interests that seem to share the common theme of freedom–time freedom, health freedom, financial freedom, spiritual freedom. Here are a few ebooks that I’ve written that fall into one or more of these categories. Click the links below to find out more.

Make Big Profits Flipping Florida Land – $97, also known as Flip Florida Land – $97

The Shift Diet – $17

How to Travel Europe Cheap – $17

How to Drive Without Insurance – $37

Hooked! How to Turn Indifferent Prospects into Loyal Customers Who Are Hooked for Life! – free

The 3 Secrets of Happiness – free

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For my ebook How to Drive Without Insurance, I assembled information on how to drive without car insurance, license plate tags, or registration, along with step by step instructions to follow in order to put this to use. This can be done, legally, in the United States. As long as you are not driving for the commercial transport of goods or services (hauling furniture, delivering pizza, operating your car as a taxi, etc), this can be done legally in the United States.

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