How to Accept Credit Cards Online on a MacBook or Windows computer:  A 2017 Guide

How to Accept Credit Cards Online on a MacBook or Windows computer: A 2017 Guide

Hey people of the world. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you have a few jobs. A job that you work at part-time, that’s somewhat steady, somewhat reliable, and somewhat boring. And you have another job–one that is your passion. Let’s talk about this “other” job.

The Gig Economy

Your passion job is what lights your fire. It’s something you are good at, and you’ve honed the skills into a valuable product or service or both, one in which you can earn some money for, from the client who wants your product or service.

These clients want your goods and services and they want them now. They want to pay you immediately. Any hiccups or glitches that interrupt the payment-process is likely to give them pause and cause them to buy from someone else. You do not want this to happen.

Accept Credit Card Payments on MacBook Pro
accept credit card payments on Macbook

You can make your payment process easy and quick and simple using a credit card reader for your Macbook Pro laptop or your Windows PC computer. And you can get such a credit card reader, a $79 dollar value, for free, simply by visiting Innerfence Credit Card Terminal solutions.

What are you waiting for? Visit their website right now. Within a few days from now, you can get started accepting payments on your computer. Innerfence even has free credit card readers available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android Phone.

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