How to Travel Europe for $1.50 A Day or Less

How to Travel Europe for $1.50 A Day or Less

You’re probably reading this title, How to Travel Europe for $1.50 A Day or Less, and thinking, it’s clickbait. Okay, I’ll admit, it it clickbait. But, it is possible to travel Europe for $1.50 a day or less. If I, a college dropout can do it, so can you.

Chateau Il Marie Picauville France

My Story of How I travelled Europe for Cheap
A few years ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Europe with a friend, his wife, and their family. My original intention was to go with them and act as their children’s babysitter, in exchange for free room and board once we got to Europe. Before leaving, I met a girl and we started dating. I invited her to come along to Europe with me. She agreed. While we did travel on the same cruise ship with the family, we parted ways once we arrived at the port town of Brest, France.

How Anyone, Including You, can Travel Europe for $5 bucks a Day or Less
While traveling Europe, I kept a journal and upon returning, I incorporated parts of this journal into my ebook How to Travel Europe for $1.50 A Day or Less. Because this ebook was written a few years ago, you can, due to economic changes, expect to travel Europe for $5 to $10 a day or less. However, if you are careful, you can travel Europe for $1.50 a day or less, as well.

How to Travel Europe on a Budget
This is the overview of how to travel Europe on a budget, for $5 dollars a day or less.

1. Use WWOOF (Willing Workers On Organic Farms).
WWOOF – UK website
WWOOF – USA website
WWOOF – Europe website
WWOOF – international

WWOOF is a website that connects farmers, work-from-homers, families, creative types, live-off-the-lander’s, with volunteers. The volunteers, affectionately called “WWOOF’ers” do a few hours of manual labor a day in exchange for room (place to sleep) and board (food/drink). The cost for signing up as a WWOOF member varies according to country or region, but it’s generally about $30 dollars a year. It’s worth it because once you start WWOOF’ing, you’ll save thousands, and the experience is rich and memorable.

2. Use Couchsurfing.
Couchsurfing is kind-of like AirBnB but it’s free. Essentially, Couchsurfing (CS) connects people who have a couch, a room, or even a bed, to share with travelers. Couchsurfing is free to join. There is a $25 dollar one-time fee if you would like to be verified. I highly recommend being verified as it adds trustworthy to your Couchsurfing profile. Couchsurfing is also a social network that allows you to get together with other CouchSurfers (CS’ers) at local meetups (picnics, hiking, parties, etc).

Save hundreds, even thousands, on your next trip to Europe
Using the 2 websites above, you will save hundreds, even thousands of dollars, on your next trip abroad. You can discover more moneysaving tips by visiting my ebook at How to Travel Europe for $1.50 a Day or Less.

Pictures from trip to Europe
I traveled Europe for 4 months. 3 months in France. 1 month in Germany. It was an amazing experience that helped me to see the world in a new way. Here are some pictures from that trip.

delicious meal in Germany

You Can Travel Europe for less than $10 A Day!
You can travel Europe for less than $10 a day! You can travel Europe for less than $5 a day! You can, quite literally, travel Europe in such a way that you’re spending less money than you are staying in one place and renting. If I, a college dropout, can do it, so can you. You need to check out my ebook right now and learn the exact steps, the exact websites, and a lot of other useful information, such as what to pack, and more. Visit to get started. Explore the beauty of Europe, meet new people, experience new adventures, and let it change your life for the better!

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