Is this the end of New York City? Three crisis situations you need to know about

Indian Point nuclear power plant leaking

Is this the end of New York City? Is New York City over?

Will the city that never sleeps collapse under the stress of these three situations unfolding within its boundaries?

These three situations are …

1. The New York City slashing crime wave – Over 600 people have gotten slashed or stabbed
2. The Indian Point nuclear power plant radioactive leak – only 25 miles North of NYC
3. The L train shutdown – this train carries 300,000 people a day from Brooklyn into Manhattan

These three events may prove catastrophic for New York City.

NYC nuked

Discover the 3 crisis situations that have happened or are happening in New York City that THEY don’t want you to know about.

Who are they? They are the mainstream media–the politically-correct engines of bs, and propaganda mouthpieces that are, essentially, public relations for their advertisers. Most people don’t trust mainstream media. This same mainstream media is downplaying the horrific slashings happening in NYC subways and NYC streets. This is the same mainstream media that is ignoring the radioactive leak at the Indian Point nuclear power plant, only 25 miles north of New York City. They are the realtors who are enticing people to move into areas that are dangerous to live. They are the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) officials who refuse to reveal details about the upcoming, impending L-train shutdown.

1. New York City subway slashings & New York City street slashings
New York City subway slashings and New York City street slashings, over 609 victims, and the mainstream media refuses to pick up this story. And they especially refuse to address the racial angles of this story just because all the perpetrators appear to be black or Hispanic and all the victims, over 609 victims appear to be non-blacks. The truth doesn’t fit into the paradigm of the politically-correct mainstream media.

NYC slashings are hate crimes
A lot of these slashings are happening in the New York City subway system. Some of the slashings are happening in New York City streets. The common thread of these slashings is that all the suspects are black or hispanic, and all the victims are white. Will this be labeled a hate crime? Don’t hold your breath, New York City. You know that it’s only called a hate crime when the victim is black or gay and when the suspect is white. This is a double standard but it is par for the course for a mainstream media that puts intentionally ignores facts in order to push their politically-correct agenda.

609 Victims slashed or stabbed in 2016
As of Thursday, Februrary 25, 2016, there have been 609 victims slashed or stabbed so far in 2016, compared to 503 during the same period last year — a 21-percent increase.

Click the links below for some horrifying accounts of the NYC slashings.

Man slashed during stare down on subway in Midtown Manhattan

Another NYC subway slashing: All black suspects raises questions of hate crimes

Latest horrifying knife slashing in NYC makes a damning point to gun-control activists

Ridgewood man’s throat slashed by suspect who said: “I’m gonna kill you white boy”

Another person gets slashed on the subway

Another pedestrian slashed in NYC

Man slashed in the face on Manhattan subway

Man slashed during stare-down on subway in Midtown Manhattan

2. Indian Point nuclear power plant leaking radioactive flow into Hudson River

Indian Point nuclear power plant

The Indian Point nuclear power plant, New York City’s nuclear power plant, is leaking uncontrollable radioactive flow into the Hudson River. This is not a rumor. This is an emergency. This is a crisis unfolding right now.

Currently, a radioactive flow from the Indian Point nuclear power plant continues to leak into the groundwater, which leads to the Hudson River. This is raising alarm bells for local residents and even those nearby, as New York City is only 25 miles south of this location.

“This could be the next Fukushima event, except in our backyard,” states a local resident who wishes to remain anonymous.

About Indian Point Energy Center
Indian Point Energy Center (IPEC) is a three-unit nuclear power plant station located in Buchanan, New York just south of Peekskill. It sits on the east bank of the Hudson River, 25 miles north of New York City. The plant generates over 2,000 megawatts (MWe) of electrical power. The Indian Point nuclear plant is located on the Hudson River, approximately 25 miles North of NYC, and serves the electrical needs of an estimated 2 million people.

Indian Point power plant radioactive leak

Massive radiation spike caused by contaminated water spill
source: Activist Post

Last month, while preparing a reactor for refueling, workers accidentally spilled some contaminated water, containing the radioactive hydrogen isotope tritium, causing a massive radiation spike in groundwater monitoring wells, with one well’s radioactivity increasing by as much as 65,000 percent.

Of course, the tritium leak is the ninth in just the past year, four of which were serious enough to shut down the reactors. But the most recent leak, however, according to an assessment by the New York Department of State as part of its Coastal Zone Management Assessment, contains a variety of radioactive elements such as strontium-90, cesium-137, cobalt-60, and nickel-63, and isn’t limited to tritium contamination.

Indian point power plant

Despite the assurances from Entergy, the area around Indian Point is a “cancer cluster,” with the local rate of thyroid cancer rates registering at 66 percent higher than the national average, according to Joseph Mangano, Executive Director of the Radiation and Public Health Project (RPHP).

65,000 Spike in Radiation outside New York power plant is likely worse thank Fukushima

Indian Point radioactive leak foreshadows the end of the nuclear age

NY Daily News: Indian Point power plant leak worse

Indian Point Energy Center meltdown
If Indian Point energy center does have a meltdown how will New York City be affected? As there are no containment efforts for the radioactive flow that has already leaked into the groundwater and Hudson River, we’ll soon find out.

indian point energy center radioactive leak
Indian Point, in Westchester County, currently provides 25 percent of New York City’s power. However, six percent of Americans live with a fifty-mile radius of its two aging nuclear reactors.

3. The L train shut down

crowded 14th st station

The L train is shutting down for 1-to-3 years for apparent repairs that are needed to the tunnels at Far Rockaway that were damaged severely during Hurricane Sandy.

L Train service between Brooklyn and Manhattan may be shut down for years

A Brooklynites nightmare
This L train shutdown will be a Brooklynites nightmare. Once it happens, it will leave 300,000 passengers stranded each day. That number, 300,000, is the number of daily riders who ride the L train. The L train shutdown will also be a Manhattanites nightmare but on a smaller scale, as there are less Manhattanites going into Brooklyn than vice versa.

The L train is already over capacity
The L train, which runs East-to-West, from Manhattan to Brooklyn, and West-to-East, from Brooklyn to Manhattan, is, currently, over capacity. The L train can barely handle the current ridership of some 300,000 people a day.

During morning rush hour, between 8am – 9am, there are hundreds of Brooklynites waiting at the Bedford Avenue station for the L train to take them into Manhattan. How bad is it? I grabbed some video this morning, 8:15 am, Tuesday, March 1, 2016, at the Bedford Avenue L-train station, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, of people waiting for the train.

Morning rush hour: Overcrowded Bedford Avenue (L train) station

At the end of this video, you’ll see and hear the Rockaway Parkway (Brooklyn) bound L train arrive. I took this train to the Graham Avenue stop, exited, crossed the street, descended the steps into the Graham Avenue subway station for the Manhattan-bound train, told the MTA clerk my dilemma “Hi. Can I go through the gate?” I asked, then explained, “the train was so crowded at Bedford, I took the train to this station, so I could get on the Manhattan-bound train.” She waved me toward the gate and pressed the button. I thanked her. The Manhattan-bound L train arrived and I boarded it, squeezing gently between the existing hipsters holding the center pole, and rode in silence into Manhattan.)

Want to find space on the L train during morning rush hour?
If you’re heading into Manhattan and there’s no room on the Manhattan-bound L train, take the Far Rockaway bound (Brooklyn-bound) L train a few stops east. Then, exit the station and enter the station for the Manhattan-bound L train. Explain your dilemma to the MTA clerk and he is likely to buzz the door, so you can forgo the fee, enter the platform, and then take the next Manhattan-bound train.

The L train may be shut down for 3 years as MTA repairs Hurricane Sandy damaged subway tunnels

crowded L train

The L train, which carries some 300,000 passengers a day, and serves as the main mode of transportation taking riders from Brooklyn to Manhattan and Manhattan to Brooklyn, will be shutting down service from Bedford L stop (Brooklyn) to 1st Avenue (Manhattan), essentially making it impossible for residents to get into the city.

The L Train Shutdown will devastate Brooklyn economy
The L train shutdown would devastate the Brooklyn economy. Businesses would be forced to close. Employees would be laid off. Tenants would be forced to break their rental leases and find cheaper digs. Read more about the effects that the L train shut down would have by clicking here.

And there’s the pros and cons of the L train shutdown as well … L train shutdown pros and cons

What’s infuriating is that the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) is not giving straight answers regarding the L train shutdown. Brooklynite (Brooklyn residents) and Bushwickites (Bushwick, Brooklyn residents) and Manhattanites (Manhattan residents) need to know what is going on, so they can prepare for the possible L train shutdown.

summary: Is this the end of New York City?
Will these three crisis situations–the NYC slashings, the Indian Point power plant radioactive leak, the L train shutdown–spell the end of New York City as we know it, as NYC residents are forced to leave for safer, less radioactive pastures, easier-to-navigate pastures elsewhere?

Statue of Liberty NYC destroyed

Are we watching Lady Liberty die at the hands of these 3 critical situations? One situation is bad enough, but these three situations may prove catastrophic for New York City and the people who live here.

If so, New York City might turn into something like this scenario from the 1981 movie “Escape from New York” …

As a Brooklyn, NYC resident, who currently lives in Williamsburg, New York, I wonder if I will soon be watching the end of New York City from my Brooklyn rooftop. I plan to keep reading about these events while I plan what to do next. Reading. Watching. And praying.

The New York City police department has finally responded to the NYC slashing crime wave by putting cops on every subway stop.

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Hi. I'm a writer, musician, creative entrepreneur, and the author of the the rails. Currently, I'm living in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York, and am in pre-production for a musical that I wrote, as well as my first feature film, 'jordy'. Contact me at:

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