How to Make Money Online for Beginners

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Is it possible to make money online even if you have never made any money online? Yes, it is possible to earn an online income. There’s a few tried-and-true formulas that, if you put the effort into following the formula, will likely result in you making money online.

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Understand that if you want to make money online, you need to incorporate the same principle that people use to make money online. This comes down to two words. Demonstrate value. In order for you to convince your website visitor to buy something from you, you must first him the value of what you are selling.

Typically, you earn money online with these methods.

3 Ways to Earn Money Online

1. Selling an affiliate product
A product that earns you a commission for each sale of the product.

2. With Google Adsense
Google Adsense enables you to put three of their Google ads at your website. Once someone clicks on the Google ad, you earn a percentage of the value of the ad. The ad value is determined by “Cost Per Click” (CPC), that is, what the advertiser is paying Google each time someone clicks their ad.

3. Selling your own product
If you have knowledge in a particular field or topic that other people are interested in, you could write an e-book (electronic book) or hire someone to write an ebook for you, that you could sell at your website.

How do I start to make money online?

1. Select an interest of yours
To start making money online, think of something you like doing or something that you are interested in. Then, determine if there are enough people interested in that same interest that you could demonstrate value to with your website.

2. Build a website around that interest
A WordPress (WP) site will work. If you don’t know how to build one, or don’t want to build one, you can hire someone at to build one for you for only $5 to $15. It’s a good deal.

Note: If you want, you could set up a website business in which you charge a $100 fee to build a basic WordPress website. When someone puts in an order, you hire someone at to make the website and you keep balance, the amount between whatever-you-charge-and-whatever-you’re-paying-out-to-have-the-website-built. Essentially, you’re acting as the broker, the middleman.

Find a reliable website hosting service. I use Inmotion Hosting and I recommend them. You can get a discount on Inmotion Hosting by clicking here.

3. Write articles
Write articles on your website, at least one article every other day.
Writing an article every day is advisable, as this is likely to generate more visitors and more page views.

4. Backlink your articles
Write articles and post them to article submission sites. Also, share the articles on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

5. Sell affiliate products at your website
Search online for “affiliate products” and join the affiliate sites. Then, post their links to your website, within the content of your articles.

6. Install Google adsense at your website
Go to Google Adsense page and follow the instructions.

7. Build a mailing list at your website
You’ve heard it said “the money’s in the list”. Basically, you use an auto-responder (sends out automated, pre-written emails) in order to establish trust and rapport with your website visitor. By doing this, you are becoming their online friend. A website visitor is more likely to buy a product from someone he knows.

8. Write an ebook
Write your own ebook or hire someone to write an ebook that is related to your website.

9. Sell your ebook
Set up an affiliate marketing campaign at Offer a free “boot camp” or “special report” wherein you give people 25% – 35% of your ebook information for free. This enables you to establish a rapport with them. At the same time, you are putting the law of reciprocity into action. You gave them something of value for free and, in return, they may feel obligated to give you something of value (their money) in order to buy your ebook.

10. Continue doing #1 – #9 above
Continue to add value to the website by writing articles, posting videos, sharing related video and article content, in order to build an audience, gain page visitors and sell affiliate products and ebooks.

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Hi. I'm a writer, musician, creative entrepreneur, and the author of the the rails. Currently, I'm living in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York, and am in pre-production for a musical that I wrote, as well as my first feature film, 'jordy'. Contact me at:

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