Do you need photos of yourself?

I am available to take pictures of you and, following the session, give you the digital prints. I use a Nikon DSLR camera (24.2 megapixel). I specialize in headshots for actors, actresses, models, and performers. I use natural sunlight and am available to come to you, in the NYC area, or you can come to my studio in Brooklyn. My rates are $50 an hour cash or $75 an hour PayPal. One hour minimum. Sessions usually take 2 hours. Upon completion, I can send them to you via DropBox (additional charges apply, this usually takes 2 hours) or you download them immediately to your flash drive.

To schedule a session, or if you have questions, email me at:
text/call me at: 347-557-5487

Some of my photography work.

Dylan Sprouse
I met him on the street. Noticing his striking good looks, I handed him one of my cards and invited him to come to my studio for some free photos. I told him to invite whoever he wanted. A few weeks later, he texted me and we arranged for a photo shoot. I was unaware that he was an actor who had formerly had his own show on the Disney channel. After posting some photos of him to Facebook, I got some messages from friends asking me how I met him. I told them on the street. They told me he was on the Disney channel. I visited his Instagram page and saw he had a lot of followers. I searched for him on Facebook but was unable to add him because he had reached the 5,000 friend limit. I asked him to delete someone so he could add me. He did, then accepted my friend request. This is before I knew he was a famous actor. He’s a genuinely nice guy and a fantastic model.

Rozanna Vakhapove
Rozanna Vakhapove is an actress friend who is also a filmmaker.

Daniel Perry is an actor friend and an accomplished photographer. His website is DanielPerryStudios

Maryna Gunko is a model and actress. To be honest, I forgot where I met her, maybe on set of a TV show or movie. Or, I might have gotten a Facebook message from her asking if I was available to shoot some photos. I was, and we did. We did a photography session at 67 the Loft, a raw loft space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York.

Monika Borkowska is a friend that I met at a Couchsurfing event picnic in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York.

If you’re in the NYC area and want some photos, feel free to contact me:
phone/text: 347-557-5487

My rates are $50 an hour cash or $75 an hour via PayPal. I have a studio in Brooklyn, New York. I prefer using natural light.

Kris Kemp