Put Your Profits on Autopilot

Put Your Profits on Autopilot

Hi everyone! I’m excited!

I’m writing a new ebook …

Ebook Profits Blueprint

In Ebook Profits Blueprint, I will show you how to …

1. Write an ebook
2. Sell your ebook
3. Automate most of your marketing

If you’re interested in earning money online, in a legitimate way, and getting money into your PayPal account, then this ebook is for you!

This is what you can expect to learn from Ebook Profits Blueprint
Ebook Profits Blueprint will break down the exact steps of how to write an ebook, based on your interests, and how to market that ebook online, in order to generate profits. Also, Ebook Profits Blueprint will show you how, after you set up the initial marketing plan, how to automate the tasks.

Over the years, I’ve written 3 ebooks that I sell online. Although the ebooks are in a variety of categories, they share the common theme of freedom–financial freedom, time freedom, health freedom.

My Ebooks
Make Big Profits Flipping Florida Land shows you how to find financial freedom by sharing secrets of how to find, buy, and flip properties, in Florida or anywhere else in the United States, for fun and profit.

How to Travel Europe Cheap reveals the exact method of how I traveled Europe for 4 months for about $1.50 a day.

The Shift Diet uncovers the strategies that anyone can use to lose weight and cure disease, without having to undergo expensive or unnecessary treatment or surgery.

Automate Your Profits
Ebook Profits Blueprint will show you the exact steps of how to create an ebook based on your interest, and how to sell that ebook, using key tools that put your profits on auto-pilot. Discover the secrets that most successful ebook authors don’t want you to know about. You’ll learn …

– the “intersection principle” (passion, skills, market) that you can use, over and over again, to determine if your ebook idea is worth launching.

– the best social media tools (Snappa, Schedugr.am (instagram), FollowLiker, BulkResizePhotos, Sendible, Buffer) for promoting your ebook

– the best social media channels to use to boost sales including the overlooked social media channels that can really give you a competitive edge to rise above your competition and boost your sales and profits

– how to use Amazon and Kindle to your advantage

– the best social media channels to use

– the best websites to outsource your what you aren’t interested in doing

Upcoming Flagship Course – The Ultimate Ebook Profits Guide
I’m also developing an upcoming flagship course, wherein I offer a bigger picture that reveals the entire process of how to write an ebook and how to market that ebook online in order to generate profits that can go as high as you want.

This upcoming flagship course will be called …

Ebook Profits Academy

With Ebook Profits Academy, you’ll get everything in Ebook Profits Blueprint plus …

– PDF, video series, audio podcasts

– ebook, video course, audio podcast course – everything in Ebook Profits Made Simple + the free course + all the blog posts – on video, audio (podcast), and ebook format + interviews with ebook authors

– steps on how to create your own sales force by setting up your ebook as an affiliate program

– how to determine if your ebook is worth producing an audiobook for (Audible)

– the one tactic I used to put my profits on auto-pilot

– why “discipline = freedom” and the application of the 2 essentials (sanctuary + schedule) that will help you to complete your ebook

– 365 quotes (one a day) by accomplished authors that will motivate, challenge, and inspire you

– why learning to say “no” will enable you to focus while earning the respect, admiration, and curiosity of others

– discovering, embracing, celebrating your inner “hermit”

– the “pyramid principle” necessary to complete your ebook (dream, team, scheme)
dream – vision, goal

– the best place to get reviews for your ebook

= and a lot more

Get Ready to Make Money Online
I’ve written 3 ebooks that I sell on auto-pilot to earn money online, and I will show you how to do the same. If a college dropout, me, can do this, so can you. I will show you how. Grab my Ebook Profits Blueprint now and learn the steps to writing, publishing, and profiting from your ebooks online.

I’m planning a pre-launch discount price for Ebook Profits Blueprint. So, bookmark this site and check back soon. Let’s make a bunch of money online.

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