The New York City snowstorm of 2016: My Story of Survival

tubing in the NYC snowstorm of 2016
tubing in the NYC snowstorm of 2016

The day prior to the incoming snowstorm, the blizzard, that was scheduled to hit New York City, that had the city on high alert, with around the clock news services posting about shutdowns and preparing for emergency scenarios, I was wandering the 4th floor, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY loft where I have a studio.

night before NYC snowstorm
night before NYC snowstorm 2016

Loft Life in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York
You can see pictures of this loft on Facebook and on Instagram to get an idea of the space.

Brooklyn New York loft windows

Most of the loft mates were either out or in their rooms, in an attempt to keep warm. The common areas–the hallways, performance space/dance floor, kitchen–can get pretty cold.

view of Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

Brooklyn loft space

Drinking tea
I was wandering around from the photo studio to the performance space, looking out the windows, watching the gusts of wind blow around tiny snow flurries.

Brooklyn loft space

I poured myself a cup of tea, retreated to my room, and checked the Facebook events to see if anything was still happening the next day, Saturday, the day the snowstorm was expected to hit New York City.

Kris Kemp at the Brooklyn NY loft space

Some acquaintances who I’d met through a “NYC Couchsurfing” group on Facebook were going tubing at Fort Greene Park in Fort Greene Brooklyn. Yes! I would join them!

Going outside in the snowstorm
The next day, I wandered downstairs, then trudged through the snow until I reached the road, and like the the handful of others who were outside, walked on the road, as this was the easiest place to walk, since the sidewalks were piled high in snow, a few feet of snow.

snow NYC 2016

NYC subway snow

snow in the Brooklyn, New York subway

I wandered to the subway, took the Far Rockaway Parkway bound L train to Metropolitan Avenue, then got off and walked to the Church bound G train, and took that to Fulton Street, then trudged through the snow to Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn, New York.

Pictures of the New York City snowstorm of 2016
I’ll let the pictures tell the story from here.

(Feel free to use these pictures by copying and pasting them. If you do use them, please give me a credit. © kris kemp –

subway entrance brooklyn

snow covered street Fort Greene Brooklyn New York

Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn, New York - January 2016 snowstorm

tubing in NYC snowstorm 2016

Tubing at the park during the NYC snowstorm
Walking along Willoughby Street toward a Mexican-food diner. At this point, around 5pm, because of the snowstorm, there were only emergency vehicles on the road. Outside was quiet.

walking in snowstorm 2016 Brooklyn NY

And tramping down the middle of the road, with a group of kids I’d met only a few hours earlier, connected to the NYC Couchsurfing community, having bounced down hills of Fort Greene Park, then rendevouxing at Al’s studio apartment, warming ourselves with water and whiskey, dancing, laughing, I felt curiously aware and full of wonder.

All sense of introspection and judgementalness were gone. I felt like a little kid–alive, happy, in the moment. After 15 minutes of stomping and sliding, we converged upon the mexican diner, ordered burritos, took them to the bar across the street, ate, talked, laughed, feeling like a band of merry travelers at a secret watering hole, a lovely tornado cave.

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Hi. I'm a writer, musician, creative entrepreneur, and the author of the the rails. Currently, I'm living in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York, and am in pre-production for a musical that I wrote, as well as my first feature film, 'jordy'. Contact me at:

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