Victoria movie premiere: Q & A with Laia Costa, Sebastian Schipper, Sturla Brandth Grøvlen

Victoria movie poster, Laia Costa

In 2015, I had an opportunity to see the highly-acclaimed movie “Victoria”, a movie that was shot in one take, meaning the film camera keeps rolling, no cuts, throughout the entire movie.  

Victoria movie Laia Costa

For a movie this length–2:20–this is highly unprecedented. I felt like I was taken on a journey while watching the movie, one that was intense, exciting, and emotional.

The realistic dialogue, which later I found out was all ad-libbed and the way the movie captured me as I watched it, slowly, then finding myself being almost a part of the film as a bystander, was something I had not experienced at the movies in a very long time. This movie was a slow start that began moving faster until I wasn’t able to leave the theatre because I did not want to miss anything.

Go see “Victoria” and let it inspire you as it did me. I posted some links to the movie at the bottom of this blog post, that will allow you to purchase or rent the movie.

You can watch the movie trailer for “Victoria” below.

“Victoria” stars Laia Costa, as a young girl who, while partying one night, meets a few German guys who invite her to party with them. What starts out as an innocuous invitation unravels to a wild conclusion.

Q & A with cast and crew of “Victoria” movie
After the movie, I video’ed the question-and-answer with some of the cast and crew of “Victoria” … Laia Costa (main actress), Sebastian Schipper (director), Sturla Brandth Grøvlen (cinematographer/cameraman) and the distributor for Adopt Films, Jeff Lipsky, who acquired the rights for distributorship of “Victoria” after watching it at the Berlin Film Festival.

Here is the video of the Q & A.  This happened at Regal Cinemas Union Square 14 Movie Theatre in December of 2015.

Some quotes from the Question and Answer with “Victoria” cast & crew

“What do we make films for? To give you something to think about. Is it for the brain or the heart? I believe it’s for the nervous system. I have a feeling that we watch films for our nervous system. That’s why they can be so annoying to us, because we can be stressed out or they can make us happy or fulfilled or whatever.”
– Sebastian Schipper, director of “Victoria”

“I asked Sebastian can I push him (the cameraman). Because I’m not going to be aware, I’m not going to be thinking of him (cameraman/cinematographer Sturla Brandth Grøvlen). He said to me: ‘Yeah, you can push him.’ So, I think he made an amazing work with the camera because he’s improvising. With us, it’s like a dance with the camera in between. So, I think he (Sturla Brandth Grøvlen – cameraman/cinematographer ) did a great job, too.”
– Laia Costa, actress in “Victoria” movie

"Victoria" cinematographer Sturla Brandth Grøvlen

“We wanted a cinematic experience of the film. We knew it would have this intuitive, documentary style feeling to it. But also wanted it to have this cinematic weight.”
– Sturla Brandth Grøvlen, cinematographer, cameraman for “Victoria”

“These takes were our drafts. We didn’t work on the script. Here’s something I sometimes say now. And it’s a little provocative. But it’s still in a way maybe think true. I think scripts are overrated.”
– Sebastian Schipper, director of “Victoria”

“I had a great time. I loved the three, one-takes. I wanted to do it again.”
– Laia Costa, actress in “Victoria” movie

“Here’s the thing that I believe is the most important for film: the story. And the script has to serve the story.”
– Sebastian Schipper, director of “Victoria”

The cast and crew of Victoria
You can find out about the cast and crew of the Victoria movie at their IMDB page by clicking here.

Victoria press conference highlights – Berlin, 2015

Pictures from the Victoria premiere in New York City

Cast & crew of Victoria at NYC Premiere

Victoria crew

Laia Costa, Jeff Lipsky, Kris Kemp

Victoria movie cast and crew

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Hi. I'm a writer, musician, creative entrepreneur, and the author of the the rails. Currently, I'm living in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York, and am in pre-production for a musical that I wrote, as well as my first feature film, 'jordy'. Contact me at:

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